The “S” word

Everyone gets rather uptight when a black woman pulls out the “S” word. It runs through everyone’s mind that, she’s playing the race card, or she’s leaning on history to justify the flaws of those people who refuse to let go the shackles, or she wants reparations, or she wants to blame someone. Everyone rolls their eyes and thinks, Ugh another angry black woman.

Well I am a black woman and I am angry as hell, and I am going to use the S word, because the Middle Class are the new slaves. Yes be we black, white, pink, purple, blue, orange, or plaid torso with polka dot legs. We, my friends are the new pillars on which the economies are built.

How did I get here to this dark place? Well thanks to a hacker who thinks it’s funny to use my salary to support his/her gaming habit. Yes thanks to this immeasurable a$$hole, I had to go to the bank. Needless to say that in order to put this lazy a$$hat out of my life I had to go and do all the redtaping that comes along with trying to secure my finances. As a result I ended up in line to do my business.


Look familiar? More rather feel familiar? This is how I felt in that line, watching the tellers disappear after every other transaction, make us wait while they made pleasant conversation and work the cogs of the red-tape machine that is the financial system. A system that is so convoluted that its main purpose must be to make us so frustrated that we end up dissuaded from procuring our own money. Our hard earned dollars that we work for.

I know that after a while I started to scare people, waiting in the line, paralyzed by my the need to scream:

“Hurry up” or “Shut up” or “what the hell people?” or some other vile things that word press will probably ban me for saying.

Because standing there, among my people,the other teachers, and tradesmen, and hotel workers, etc. I realized this must be the scene all over the world, millions of us, filling these people’s coffers for less than nothing in the way of interest, while they look down on us and penalize us, and use us without mercy. Making way for the big wigs and fat cats called bank managers. Who bask in the fruits of the investments they make using our income which we are forced to entrust to them, in hopes of one day being granted the privilege to borrow some of it, and spend our lives paying them interest on what they have made out of our very pockets.

Now my friends if that’s not slavery in the most demeaning sense of the word, I don’t know what is. That word isn’t just for the former plight of my race, it’s the yoke on the shoulders of every middle class citizen the world over. And it’s high time we did something about it. I’m taking suggestions.


17 thoughts on “The “S” word

      1. I think the world in general is becoming so compartmentalized as far as people go. Everyone wants you to think it’s one big happy global experience now and that’s just plain hog wash. We need a good global uprising! Grin

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      2. Yes. And get no matter how much we muddle through it when we sit and talk and cure the world’s ills in our heads, nothing ever seems to happen. Does it… But, Michelle, it’s eloquent, intelligent folks like you that can make an impact. Us old housewives are kind of out of the loop these days. We do more crabbing about it than anything constructive. You go get ’em, girl!


  1. Not to be all negative to the plight that even I am struggling under, but if we remove the “S” word from our economy what will happen? Who will do the work? With the large population of people in the entire world. Some of them or too dumb to function or just can’t grasp any reputable skill. What would we do with them? I am not saying that we are supposed to be in this position but looking back at history we would need either a smaller world population or this “S” word.


    1. Are you telling me you think the world needs slavery? Economic or otherwise? Are you telling me that you would rather be a slave to the corporate banking system that part owner of a financial coop? Maybe if more of us were into the whole coop way of thinking we would have less people “too dumb to function or unable to grasp reputable skills.”


      1. Sadly yes. Reading all these pre adult lit there has to be a working class/ slave class. This is what keeps big economies striving. If it was a small population of ppl then everyone will have their skill. Those without skills will be seen as handicapped and we would not need them. It is either live to survive or become a slave to the system.


      2. Not all societies run on the duel class system, according to Marx all these societies are doomed as the slaves always want upward mobility. And we see that everyday, the heated uprising of those of us who want out from under the thumb of our economic overlords. Of course this would call for us to move away from our mother capitalism and towards the strangers socialism and meritocracy. It will not happen in a day and it will not be comfortable for the upper class men, but it would be for the better, for the more productive.


      3. I will check that book out. But when you brought up that book I automatically remembered the book “Animal Farm”. I didn’t read the book, I had watched the movie and that made me cry. Stories which shows how a group or even one person is used for the profitability of a small group or person hits home for me. Maze Runner, Hunger Games, Divergent – the whole lot of them just makes me really sad. It is a world we are living in and it is becoming more to light. THERE SHALL BE AN UPRISE!!! Well after my nails dry. 😀


      4. Remember Michele, Dr. King lived in a world where blacks sat at the back of the bus, and it was OK to lynch a man for talking to a girl of the wrong color. The world we live in is not set in stone, it’s just our jumping off point.


  2. You nailed it. I feel like most of our society is being marginalized. Since the recession, we are working more for the same or for less money. One person is now doing the work of two. And our jobs report? I call BS. the new opportunities are part time, contractor and sick time and vacations are quickly being replaced by PTO.Worse is we generate the economy as consumers. We are making few people money both on our backs and from our pockets.


    1. You all should read Yertle the Turtle for Dr. Seuss’ take on this. If you do the background research on it, it’s a heck of a political book. He sure didn’t believe anyone should be standing on anyone’s back.


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