Stop Body Shaming in carnival

Carnival is a time for revelry and the celebration of freedom, now in days gone by that meant colorful costumes made by local tailors and wire benders, iron band and steel pan, calypso and soca music and dancing in the streets.

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But that is when I was a girl, now it’s all about the spectacle of the costume and by that I mean how scant it can be.

Sigh societies change, norms and values shift , the times they are a moving, in a positive direction to where women are encouraged to embrace their bodies. Be they the hard bodied bikini types, or the plump Nubian princesses like myself. Our fore-mothers after all burned many a playtex and victoria secret for our rights, for our equality.

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That being said notice anything as the costume progress through the years? Our men, our brother, those to whom we fought to be equal are disproportionately covered. What really can this be? Why are our brothers not afforded the same choices in their mode of dress or lack there of as we are?

Being relegated to baggy basketball shorts, and chest hiding, ab blocking costumes that do nothing to highlight their masculine charms. Outrage I say. Why should our men, be shamed into hiding behind this forced sequined “modesty”? While we sisters are free to all and any form of physical expression we see fit? Isn’t this what we fought against? Didn’t many a bra meet it’s doom to allow us to overcome the ills of society shaming us into feeling less and less about our physical appearance? So why would be do this to our men?

Ladies it’s time something was said, time something was done, to free the sweet buns, shapely legs, broad shoulders and sex…uh I mean..six pack glory or not, of our fellow human beings, our partners in crime, our brothers, our lovers, OUR eye candy. Join me and all our brothers to stop the body shaming of the Caribbean man on carnival day.


7 thoughts on “Stop Body Shaming in carnival

  1. Interesting thoughts, and I’ve made the same kinds to my husband while watching TV. Why’s it okay to see her t*ts and @ss but not his? Thing for me is, I don’t think we did women much of a favor by turning their bodies into a free for all. We’re women! We can do this now if we want! But truthfully, isn’t that exactly what a large majority of men want to see anyway? How did that help women take back their power?

    I used to work in a crisis pregnancy center where we helped women make the right choices for them about what to do with their pregnancies. How often did I hear the words, this is YOUR body and you have the right to CHOOSE what you want to do. YOU’RE the one in control. And then I’d think of those young girls with their feet in the stirrups while they struggled through a suction abortion and ask myself, WHO is in control then, ’cause it sure isn’t those girls.

    So I don’t really have a problem if men want to bare it all. I just think we miss the point that women ARE baring it all and playing right into the whole male game. Just my opinion… Lame?

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  2. My question was going to be… “What equality”?
    I have concluded that all the materials to extend over the breast and all other exposes body parts, went into making the shorts for the men…hence the disparity.
    Perhaps next year….we can only hope.

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