How do we take this? The greatest internet wars ever waged have been between the people who read the books and those that just watch the shows. Now we are all on the same page I wonder if the will be peace in the fandom?


gameIt’s been all over the news lately: this will be the season where the TV version of Game of Thrones finally laps the books, or at the very least it’s going to catch them this season and next season will have to be all-new stuff.  George R.R. Martin, famous for being a slow writer (and note: I’m not complaining, at least not with an intent to be taken seriously by anyone) simply cannot keep up with the speed of broadcast TV, and there is absolutely no way that he’s going to be able to get two books written before the show hits the plotlines of the sixth and seventh books.

Those of us who had read the book when it came out fifteen goddamn years ago snickered at the poor saps who didn’t know what was coming when the Red Wedding happened.  Now, it seems, the tables have turned, and…

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2 thoughts on “On GAME OF THRONES, spoilers, and THE WALKING DEAD

  1. Man! When my son read an article to me about GoT going rogue from the books I wondered how it would all play out. I absolutely agree with the author of this article. That’s the best solution for everyone. I’ve loved the TV series, but had to make myself not squirm when it departed from the books. Still wondering if I want to finish reading the series. I hated the way the last two books he’s written were divided. It was a horrendous effort. Now I have to re-read the damn things side-by-side before the next one, IF I decide I have the energy!

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    1. I’m an avid fan of Both GOT and TWD, but I’ve never read any of the literature before the season has ended, simply to avoid the heart ache. But I’ve always felt like I’ve been missing something. Maybe now this divergence from the literature will free me from this delema.


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