Fit Finatic

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“You can do it.” She said

“You should do it!” she chants

“For your health, for your kids.” She preaches,

And she has won me over.

Now here I am,

In full battle armor,

Sweat pants, sports bra, my ratty orange t-shirt.

Why? ‘Cause screw you that’s why

If I’m gonna do this,

I’m gonna be comfortable dammit!

And after arm circles and squats, I’m cool.

Sweaty but cool.

This wet stuff means it’s working right?

But there’s something called burpies!

Sounds fun right?

I mean by all the rules of adolescent humor dictates that something with the word burp in it….. right?

Nope! With sweat in my eyes, huffing and puffing, puffing and huffing,

Climbing some imaginary mountain!

And there she is the chanting preacher, smiling at me!

Saying “Aren’t you happy your did this? Isn’t it fun?”


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