Not being gay is Ok too. Right?

“I’m straight and proud” is apparently a dirty phrase. When did that happen? Also on the list of things not to say are:

“I don’t believe in that” and “Please keep your personal life to yourself”

As you may have guessed the topic of homosexuality has crept into my little bubble. And I’m not at all trying to argue the right or wrong of it. That is way above my pay grade. My question is why does it need my legitimization? I’ve seen a few guilt trippy posts about loosing friends in support of that state of being, or about labeling people as bigots and far worse, but why?

The most interesting and Ironic thing I’e seen is that we shouldn’t label folks, because of their orientation, because of where they choose to stick their dangle bits. But isn’t the whole movement about celebrating the label afforded someone because of where they choose to stick those bits? And why should I be labeled as something negative because I don’t believe as they do, about things I for one would rather not know about you? Why am I a lesser human being for not getting my pleasure the same way?

Don’t get me wrong or do, I am after all entitled to my opinion. But there are folks out there who live their lives, and don’t try to enforce their beliefs upon me, I know because these are people I can honestly say I respect and can enjoy fully. Some are gay,but for the most part we are all just odd. Most importantly we are people. We don’t agree on certain things and that’s fine. They have never asked me to bend on my morals for them, they have never attempted to change me, and we have gotten along swimmingly, being all sinners and not really caring about the nature of our sin. And why not? Why must I bend my fundamental belief system for something that by all rights should be between you and your god, or/and you and your partner?

I must say thought I gave a chuckle when it was suggested that fornicators be treated the same way. As a fornicator myself I had to laugh. I really did. When I was knee deep in the actions I choose to carry on with, I felt guilt, I knew what I was doing was unacceptable to many, I did it anyway. I didn’t ask them to accept it, indeed it never occurred to me. I just pointed out that it was my choice and I had a right to it, after all I was the one who had to live with the consequences both here and in the here after.

I say all this to say this. We all have our vice, we all make our choice, we all have urges and we all do things that someone disagrees with. But we all have a right to disagree. We do not however have a right to break someone or something for our own interests. We can move past, be apart and make or be something new.

It’s Ok if some don’t accept us. But it’s not Ok to attack people for it. No matter what side of the fence we sit on.


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