Me vs. The tribe (Even the Chief)

So here I am, with the tribe . Minus my tiny overlord master who is out like a light. So the kids seem to have googled us, and know all our user names. Thank God we aren’t those kinds of people.

The little people and them, dazzle us with their knowledge before launching into a tirade of childlike hilarity. Pulling joke upon joke. You know, until the moment is passed and it’s time to be quiet again.

I tell Logan to be quiet and of course being Logan he tries to get in one last word. Eva, trying to save him exclaims:

“You better hush nuh*. Before Mommy let out she goat and ‘ee knock you dung” -_- the place goes quiet for a bit as they wait. Looking around expectantly.

Do you know what Glen does? What the chief of this tribe does in the face of the tribesmen’s tomfoolery?

Guess, just guess.

He Laughs. Giggles, I tell you. Ah tell you nuh* I feel he is on their side sometimes.

*Nuh- An Antiguan Creole word – Translation : You know.


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