The Art of the Shameless plug and what comes next.

Now taking a lover.

Seeking eligible male for sexual rendezvous,

 must be unattached and not seeking romantic entanglement 

Please forward photo and current certified STI/STD panel to:


Serious inquires only

Nope, I’m not trying to hire a gigolo, it’s an expert from my New release: Now Taking A Lover


Available on Amazon, free with Kindle unlimited.

Apparently as an Indie Author I’m going to have to learn to plug, being particularly shy it’s a very daunting idea. But as the chief so aptly put it. “You can’t publish a book and hide it.” and he’s right. So I shall plug, but not to worry, I’m not the tacky spam streaming sort. The internet is safe from me.

One of the most frequently asked Questions I get now as an Author (I can call myself that now, huh?). Is,” what comes next?”

Well what comes next for me is, What Comes After. That’s the title of my next book. Which will be a novel. I’ll share the blurb and you can tell me what you thing. Here goes.

There is nothing easy about coming out of the closet. But Mila comes out only to find herself locked into the center of a conspiracy that has changed the culture of generations.

Will Mila be able to protect herself and her family, through What comes After?


Any thoughts?

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