No Spoilers Please

Yes, I’m one of the 12 people out there who hasn’t binge watched the 5 leaked episodes of Game of Thrones.

In my world the Red Woman has just tried to feel up, he who knows nothing. The wino queen mother is mourning the father she hated so well, I mean if I envy anything on that woman it’s her ability to be such an unapologetic douche. Someone may be going to Dawn, which is bound to be bloody fun. Literally. And my favorite character is battling his guilt over killing the father he also hated so well. Can we give Tywin the award for worst father ever already?

Oh yeah and both the Stark Girl are being really really dumb, one for turning down Brianne and another for not seeing that little finger is going to use her as a stand in for her mother, can you say creepy anyone?

My point being, dear internet. I know you probably watched it, that was your choice. I didn’t that was mine. Please don’t spoil it for me. Thank you. See you when winter finally gets here.


Any thoughts?

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