Writing Competitions….Sigh.


Today I came across two writing competitions. As usual I was slinking around writing groups, writing comments which I hastily backspaced out of existence for fear of having my soul crushed,then they appeared. I clicked and two caught my eye. One calling for submissions for this year’s Women’s Erotica, and another reaching out to Caribbean writers writing stories with a Caribbean Flavor.

I shared them both and promptly tagged Kimolisa Mings one of my current literary heroes, and the Chief (My hubby who I am happy to say is also awesome in the way of the word). I wondered if I would ever have the courage to enter. And quickly dismissed the idea. No need to put my soul out there for an unnecessary crushing, right?

I’ve entered competitions before, who hasn’t? There really is nothing like sitting in the audience, waiting to hear your name anywhere among the awardees, only to go home with the, “There are no looser, you are all winners.” speech ringing in your ears. Yes you are good just not good enough.  Sigh.

So I came home, sat in front of my laptop and complained in a mushy gushy email to my bestie. Who apparently was having none of it.  I got a scathing “Woman please. You wrote a whole damn book.” Sigh.

In his own, gruff way, he simultaneously gave me the eye, and ripped away my shroud of self doubt. Some friend he is. Sigh

So I guess I’m writing two submissions over the next few weeks. It might not feel cool to get your soul crushed after trying. But it would be worse to never try and watch your soul shrivel from lack of exposure.

Wish me luck.


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