And then there were 8

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Eighth Sin.”


7 people sat around a heavy mahogany table in the shadow of a great hearth. They weren’t strangers, in fact they had known each other for eons. They had been comrades in arms for just as long. In one combination or another they had toppled  nations, destroyed dynasties. These 7 people in this room, where the embodiment of the seven deadly sins. They would look quite strange in their different costumes to anyone else, in this great hall that looked like something out of an over theatricals Dracula flick. But who were they?

There is Pride, a boastful man, all made up in Armani or whatever the most expensive threads were, wing tip shoes and a hair cut that could probably pay my rent for a few months. Next to him, eyeing him with both suspicion and envy sat Greed. He looked pretty much like beggar. All in rags, hair knotted and dirty. But that was until you looked closer. He wasn’t big or flashy but he sat on a chair made of sapphires. The treasure horded and kept well, from his last crusade. I think some African tribe had died in the wake of his never satisfied want.

The Sisters Gluttony and Wrath were next on the line up. Finishing up a suckling pig and mumbling things I don’t want to know about respectively. They had once been beautiful women, but now Gluttony was the poster child for the phrase ‘went straight to my thighs’ always hidden behind one confection or another, so much so that I couldn’t recall the last time I saw her face. And her sister, still lovely, but so consumed by her anger it was all you saw.

Who am I? I am Kaleb, the steward of the sins. Charged with keeping them pretty much out of everyone’s hair. I’m not saying I’m good at it, but it could be a lot worse if these folks went unchecked at all.

The doors to the great hall burst open and in waltzes a man, well at least I think that’s what it is. He’s wearing jeans 2 sizes too small that have pooled around his knees. Oddly enough there is a belt but I suspect it’s there for style. He’s wearing a winter jacket trimmed with fur, even thought it’s hot as hell in tartarus, pardon the pun, and a gold chain with every social media symbol ever invented as a pendant.

He trips over Laziness’s foot, but we all know he is too much himself to make a fuss. And Envy starts eyeing him with interest. It won’t be long before the air is filled with complains about why she can’t have all those pretty things. Lust however is more bold, in her floral mini lingerie. She saunters over, letting all here rotund nubian features do the talking and purs in his ear.

He looks up then, from the phablet in his hand. One of those bigger than your average toddler.

“Yo, Yo, Bug IS in the house. Yo this place be on fleek and ish.” The squabbling stops and  all eyes are on our guest, then on me. I guess it’s on me to send this fool packing.

“Uhh…Hi…’is’ are you lost?”

“I don’t know? Why don’t I got a right to be here?”

“This is the hall of the 7 deadly sins. Do you want to be here?” Quite clever, nobody would actually want to be here.

“Yo, really? Is that like a rock band or something? Did y’all do something with Kanye?” It was my turn to give a dead eyed stare. Really? What kind of fool never heard of the 7? Mr. Peabody comes in just then, a owl like pencil pusher, personal assistant to the powers that be.

“Oh Kaleb. Glad your still here. I would like to introduce you to your newest charge.Intensional Stupidity.”

“Yo Charge? For just walking in here? Why? That ain’t right.” Peabody rolled his eyes. “So who are you anyway? Like the band manager?”

“No Stupid, I am the keeper of the 7 deadly sins. Conscience. But you can call me Kaleb.”

“Dude.” he says with some recognition in his eyes. “You the dude from the vampire witch movie thing? Can I get a selfie with you real quick.” So much for that huh?


7 thoughts on “And then there were 8

  1. Quite an entertaining read! It reminded me of a book written by a Philippine senator based on a quote by Aristophanes, “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” No redemption for that!

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