Precious (Not at all related to that movie)

In response to Lady Calen at Impromptu Prompting. Today’s prompt: The Things We Treasure.


Everyone has mementos, this things that we horde grudgingly against time, and dust, and people. They may not be extraordinary things, or even things that we think about on a day to day. But when we come across them, in that shoe box, or on that shelf, or fallen behind that over packed cabinet that only spring or disaster drives you to clean, the make you stop and smile ruefully down at them. Feel and smell them, because they transport you to another place and time.

My trinkets, wouldn’t strike anyone but me as special. But they are mine and attached to some pretty powerful memories. I can’t even pick just one, so I think I’ll tell you about the top four. Grab a coffee, this might take a pinch:

1. My Anne Rice Novels. Why? Because those books or more rather the experience of reading them, is what lead to the deep conversations that would end up in a romance that would endure over a decade. Image two sixth former debating philosophy and theology and faith and growth, all around the content of Miss Anne’s sensuous words. I have no doubt that her tone and style helped set the mood, for the things that were to come, but more, she allowed us to show ourselves to each other, maybe for the first time in either of our lives, we saw another person. Granted we weren’t in love then. But we became friends in an intimate sort of way. The kind of comfortable familiarity that serves as the foundation for a lifetime of loving. But also on a practical note, we went into this thing, knowing a bit of how to dance around each other’s psyche, and that too would be an invaluable asset in the battles that were to come.

2. In my mother’s house, on a shelf in a vase, on her bricka brack thingy, sits a peacock feather. I know that if I take it,my kids will kill it to death so it sits there. Where did it come from? Well once upon a summer, some time before I was an angsty teen, my family would take drives when we were on vacation. That time we went to Christian Valley which had a little petting zoo. Now you see, it’s not the Peacock eating from my hand that I remember, or the little squirrel monkey, or the geese, or the goat. It’s the drive. We were off on an adventure and the anticipation was sooo great. We were a family back then, and we had no idea it wouldn’t last. Those were happier times….

3. In my jewelry box, are a pair of baby socks, they are red, green and yellow. Tiny little things for newborn feet. All three of my kids have worn them. And they still hold, even thought I have no clue how, the smell of baby feet. Every time I go into that box, I touch them, I sniff them and smile. Because they remind me of holding my newborn children. They remind me of the calm I felt while holding them. Though my life was a maelstrom of stress and condemnation and just plain misery when my children were in my arms, when I was focused on their little faces, and fingers and toes, we were all there was, and that calm, was like nothing I can describe. It was what got me through the horror. It’s what still can still me.

4. My copy of Final fantasy 10. Yes a video game, that I am ashamed to say I never finished. Some gamer girl I am. But why is that one of all the other ones special. It’s the one me and my sister used to bond over. It’s the one that stole many a night’s sleep from us. It put us together towards a common goal and took us a way from all the crap raining down around us. It didn’t matter that we were 9 years apart, or maybe it only mattered less, but we bonded over it. No, any of the other stuff that has changed the dynamic.

Believe it or not those are my moments. These are part of the random collection of things that wraps me in a sweet magic. These are some of my holcruxes. And now I’ve dredged those memories up around me, I’m going to go hug the tribe, and make some more.


2 thoughts on “Precious (Not at all related to that movie)

  1. This kind of post is such a neat way to sneak a peek inside someone’s head and heart, isn’t it? You really get to know a person when you can do that. Same as you can when you know what kind of music they like. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing YOURSELF with us! Great post!


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