Coming out of the closet.


It’s amazing the kinds of things you find yourself reading when researching a book. For me to really become comfortable with the concept of coming out of the closet, something my main character has to do, I began reading coming out stories. I’ve read about a million of them I swear, and honestly, I can relate.

Yeah it sounds strange. How can I, a straight girl, ever understand the mental and emotional stress of having to break news to your parents, friends and family, without the assurance that they will react well?

Well I’ve had to deliver news that I knew they would react badly to. No doubt about it. And believe you me, the backlash is still coming. But you know what? I’m still alive and life keeps demonstrating how it wants me to thrive despite all the pitfalls placed in front of me.

Though I must also admit I’m a little envious of some of these stores. The ones that ended in laughs and hugs, or even a stern word for not coming forward sooner.

Do I have anyone among my readers who has a story of delivering news you weren’t sure of? How did it end? Were there hugs and laughter? Or are you like me?


Any thoughts?

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