For the record I’m not doing a Mother’s day post. I have nothing against the day, this year I’m just not doing one. I appreciate all the greetings that have come, but I’m still not doing one.

That being said. What the hell NBC?

Most anyone who has been near a WiFi connection in the last few weeks knows that NBC has dropped the series Constantine. I recently got into it, binge watching as so many in my very over worked out of touch circle do. Now looking for season two and the internet informs me, that just like The Sara Conor Chronicles, Flash Forward, and Firefly, a great show has been snuffed out. *Scream of anguish*

And this time the justification can’t be a dwindling fan base, because millions turned our to tweet, tout, and shout support for this show. It couldn’t have been lack of interest, because celeb after celeb have pledged themselves as guest starts if only someone, anyone will pick up the show.

So why NBC? Tell me Why? If there is someone anyone who reads this, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows the friend of someone who baby sat for someone who could possible bend the ear of a studio executive. Please tell them that they have broken my heart, and I’m not mad, because we will always have Mexico. I only want to know why. Tell us, the public, the fans whose hearts you break over and over again, why our viewing preferences aren’t important.

Thank you in advance for delivering the message. I wait patiently for the reply.


2 thoughts on “#SaveConstantine.

  1. I so hear you. I think the one that made me the angriest was when they took Judging Amy off TV. It was an interesting and adult series, very popular with a huge older audience. But the network decided that wasn’t the market they were after. So they shut it down. it’s all a game, it’s all about money, sex, and power… Sigh…


    1. Not the market they were after? Umm that just sounds like the height of idiocy. Is one demographic’s money better, more valuable, or better looking than another? If there are millions in a demographic supporting you, then why alienate them? for whom? In case they haven’t noticed generation Y are they here, don’t stick to anything over 140 characters.


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