What’s important in the Net Nation?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Internet Order.”


The question is if the internet was made a sovereign nation, and I was asked to run for Prime minister, would I accept? And what would my platform be? hmmmm. First thing first.

Would I accept such a task? The service of rule to this fickle place and all it’s inhabitants? In a world torn by racial and cultural differences, separated by social values and emotional states, all hidden behind the veil of anonymity? Would I take up such a task? I probably would, who wouldn’t? You see to govern such a thing, to govern the pathways through which information travels is to rule the world. MWA HA HA HA HA HAAAA….Oh sorry, had a Pinky and the Brain moment there.

But could it even be done? Could I be the one to do it? I think I could. I mean how hard could it be? I do have to rule the tribe after all, and if they can thrive under my rule, all be it joint rule, why shouldn’t anyone else? Don’t answer that…just role with it.

And what would my platform be? What could I say to the internet masses to sway them to vote for me? hmmm. Let’s see…what has been popular on the internet? What do we go for? What do we do on the internet really?

Official type websites tell me that we are all busy little bees, checking our email, and searching with the major search engines, and looking for news etc. You know? Serious stuff.

But we all know that really isn’t the case, in the last few months we have been captivated by Kim K’s butt, that god awful dress, one celebrity scandal after an other, the list goes on and on. but would that be platform enough? Would politics in the cyber nation be as superficial as it is in they are in the real world? Could I win this election on the kissing baby, opponent slander that wins elected positions?

Or would you want more? Would you want to hear about policies to make providers of net-services liable for the security of information? Swift and immediate punishment for bullying, libel and scandal mongering? Would you want to hear about the establishment of a Net-Nobel prize for persons who would have used the ways, to better society as a whole? Would you want to hear about Net-public holidays? Would you respond to the establishment of standard digital commerce? Or even about child protection in the net nation? Something else?

Tell me please what platform speaks to you? What would work?


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Any thoughts?

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