#freethenipple? Why stop there?


I knew I held on to these pictures for a reason. Guys let’s have a look shall we. A good long stare at Mr OO La La over here. Look long and slow and take him in for me…   …   …   … Ok that’s enough, you got a little something right….there. Other side…there ya go.

Where did your eyes go to. If you’re like me, you started at those long locs, and lingered at those pretty eyes and lips, took in all that cut and chisel, and ended somewhere down…uh…south.

Did you at any point in the journey, linger on his nipples? Come on, feel free to say if you did. But for the vast majority of us, we didn’t. But why? Why didn’t we stop and salivate over those pointy little non-functional nubs? Well because he is a he, and in our society and biology, his teeny nipples are not the things that we would choose to use as an indication of his…um….erotic value.

I go even further to say that, unlike his female counterpart, his nipples have little to no arousal or entertainment value. But still there is such a thing as #freethenipple, a campaign that by my understanding, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, wants to encourage women to take topless to the streets in support of equal rights to being topless? With no restriction of the female nipple seeing as how there is no restriction on the male nipple. *pinches nose bridge* Seriously?

Is this what the fight for equality has come to? Are we really that badly off as a gender? I mean besides the obvious differences in the erotification (my word, judge not) of men and women based on…you know…anatomy. Is there nothing else in the realm of gender equality that needs out attention? The ‘right’ to be topless in magazines? Did you know that a man can be arrested for the full Monty in public, but a woman can walk naked and never be accused of baring her genitalia to the world? Pure outrage, I say!  You know what, I’m gonna role with it. Especially after my post on Male Body Shaming in Carnival, where I begged the Antiguan Mass troupes to afford my brothers the opportunity to show a little more skin, you know, in the name of equality.

But why stop there? The female form has been far more celebrated than the male in western culture, hasn’t it?  It’s high time that wasn’t so, and not just PC parts like nipples either, I mean the whole enchilada, or sausage, you know, just saying. Let us take to the streets, birthday suits and not a stitch else, all in the name of equal rights to nudity. Their dangly bits to our jiggly bits and all and sundry in between. Wouldn’t that be a spectacle.

I’m tickled pink. What do you think of this argument?


Any thoughts?

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