Free – Blog Tour – Lisa Litberg


What’s this book about?

Since leaving home at the age of 18, Free has traveled the country trying to find a place to call home. Her travels afford a variety of experiences, from following the Grateful Dead to waitressing in Chicago to selling jewelry in New Orleans’ French Market, but nothing seems to quell her sense of unrest. All the while her estranged brother Alfie is in her thoughts. Once she finds him, perhaps she’ll finally feel at home. But her world is filled with bad choices and temptations, and Free must rise above these in order to find her place. The reader will feel as if they are traveling right alongside Free in this moving coming-of-age story.

Where can you get a copy?

Why Amazon, Of course. 😀

Available in Ebook format and Print

But Who is Lisa Litberg?

I happened upon Lisa in a writing group on Facebook, she seemed really cool and very motivated. From her posts she has the kind of personality that makes me think that she’s right up my ally. I wasn’t wrong. Lisa is a teacher, who loves to write. She has amassed a collection of short stories and poetry, she’s also musically gifted and performs using her guitar. As if that wasn’t enough to make me think this lady could be my mirror image, she’s also a mother and  a walking dead fan!! Wow.

I’m currently reading Free and so far so great. Look out for a review coming soon.

Any thoughts?

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