Losing my….errr….her Weed-ginity?

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Weeds Mary-Louise Parker

So I’ve got this friend, more of a friend of a friend really. Who has never experimented with Miss Mari. Never took a hit of anyone’s splif, never had a weed cake or brownie, never experimented with any sort of hallucinogens or recreational drug.

My friend, who shall remain nameless, because you know she is a real person and all. Recently hit the big three zero, and never having any of these experiences that it seems everyone who is anyone has had, wonders if maybe they aren’t worth having, even once. I….er….I mean she is still a weed virgin. I….I mean she, knows all the arguments, being a child of the ‘JUST SAY NO’ generation, she knows the research and the risk factors, she’s read the studies on both sides of the fence. I….I mean she, knows that this might not be the wisest thing out there to do.

But who says we all need to be wise all the time? Who says there isn’t anything to be missed in those youthful moments of folly and experimentation? Youthful moments and experiments it seems that she has most assuredly missed. Beside how many people do we know who occasionally indulge in a little pot who are all fine, healthy, productive members of society?

In the end it comes down to the inside argument I guess. Do I….er….she want to surrender her mental faculties to THC-9? Is it worth it, to float in the cosmic stream and commune with the ether in a way never before experienced? Maybe it could be beneficial to understand the draw of the vice, if only to be able to speak with authority on both sides of the argument…for science sake? Just this once?

What have been your weed-sperience? Do you think weed-ginity is worth keeping?


12 thoughts on “Losing my….errr….her Weed-ginity?

    1. Great point, there’s something about giving up my cognition that doesn’t sit right with me. I haven’t even had alcohol to excess, except that one time. And I’m never doing that again.


    1. Oh the decision has been made, thanks to a particularly rancid pot head who continues to preen for my attention with criticisms of a typo of all things. If she is a lifelong member of the Marijuana club, it think my hallucinogen virtue shall remain in tact.


  1. Good article. Nah, I think now days, like tattoos and divorces, to not have the experience us more unique and cherished. Just about anyone has tried it, people prob don’t believe it when I say I’ve never tried it. 😉 then your just like the rest….

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  2. I like the idea of try everything once. Especially if you have done the research and see the good and the bad. Like seeing the negative of Heroine takes that off the try everything once. But something like Mary Jane you can try once and cross it off the list of things you have tried. Tell your “friend” if she does it make sure to do it with people that she trusts (close friends and family) and in a safe environs. IMO

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