A Bitter Victory

Think about it. Really think about it.

Making it write


The government has declared its intention to place a blanket ban on all of the legal highs which are so irresponsibly sold to ignorant victims throughout this country.

who wilfully
continue to peddle
these lethal powders and pills
will risk seven years

This is our awaited victory
but it will not heal our sick nation
these abominations will still
insidiously spill
through the fingers of criminals
into the pockets
of the un-listening
in search of a chemical thrill
to take away their dissatisfaction
their disenfranchisement
and all of the other
disses that they feel

some of them will die and some will merely become ill.
their skin stick to their bones, or turn grey and wrinkle
some will see strange things which no-one else can see

worms under the skin

secret messages on old receipts

people watching them from rooftops

hidden enemies with weird agendas

some will jump…

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