I don’t feel like writing. You might think that it’s rather ironic considering that you’re reading this, but really and truly when I woke up this morning this is not what I intended to write. I knew I was going to write something, I’ve even set my self a word goal. I want to write, the stories are all there, the characters are all alive and very vibrant, they want their stories told. So It’s not them.

It’s not for the lack of inspiration, lord help me there is so much around me to rant about, to scream about even. There are triumphs to shout from the mountain tops and there are sorrows spill, but still I can’t write. Or more rather the spirit that animates my fingers to give voice to all these things is absent somehow.

It’s not like other times, where I’m at the pinnacle of frustration or tiredness, where I am overly over stressed and can’t focus, or angry or…what ever other excuse I’ve used in the past to justify my tepid reaction to the prospect of writing…anything at all.

I won’t even go as far as to call this writers block. Because the stories continue to unfold, and the characters continue to evolve, but I just can’t seem to write it down.

I’m bothered by my literary impotence, but not to my usual angry frustration, mainly because it’s not due to any of the usual suspects. It’s more, at this point, like numbness that has settled on my shoulders and pulled me to an immeasurable distance from things.

I don’t know what to call this. Does it even have a name? Does anyone else go through this? …..Sigh…..


2 thoughts on “…Sigh…

  1. Hey girl! I think it’s just the letdown reflex people get after anticipating something for a long time then BAM! there it is and you realize your dream and after that everything seems to fall flat. Plato was having that issue the other day after making a start at something he’s been wanting to do for a long time. You got your book published and now all that adrenalin is just fading away. Let it. Relax in the flow of life a little and find your next dream, then the cycle will start all over again. The adrenalin will start pumping and before you know it you’ll be back at full speed again. (jmo!)

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    1. …sigh…lol…sigh…maybe that’s it. When I first finished it I was like all. “I’m going to do this and that next..” I was full of plans, even got 20,000 words into my next book. Now I’m not even sure it was that much of an achievement, who knows? Maybe it wasn’t that great a thing, or that good a book. Yeah it got good reviews but maybe they were just being nice…you know?

      Maybe I should pack in this writing thing for a day or two, which is all I can really afford to. Because now I’ve claimed Authorhood, and I think I’m having a Peter Parker Moment.


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