Me and My Legs: A Bi-Kai Cosmetics Product Review

First a little back ground. Me and my legs kind of have a love/hate relationship. On the one hand they are sturdy legs, they look great in heels, and they are mine, so by default I think they are pretty awesome. On the other hand they are covered in skin I inherited from a certain parent who shall retain his anonymity.

As such it’s no surprise to hear that they have been the cause of much angst. Being a teacher especially, it seems like your legs are always a matter of concern for others. Students snicker or so I’m told, and some colleagues simply cannot go without letting you know that ‘OOOO girl…You need some lotion.” -_-

Then a little while ago I was presented with a sample bottle of Bi-Kai Cosmetics Vanilla scented Extreme Moisture Therapy Lotion. I raised an eyebrow at the little bottle, pretty sure it was going to let me down like every other Lotion I’ve had before.

I was sure if it did work it would sit heavy and sticky on my skin, making me sweaty and uncomfortable, all the while making me smell like potpourri. I’m glad to say I was so wrong.

The stuff did the trick, one application in the morning, kept the ashy ankles away all day. It went on easily, no marathon rubbing session to get it into my skin. It practically disappeared in there, leaving no thick oily film on me, and even though the vanilla scent is in your face when it’s in the bottle, when applied it made me smell like cake. Which the chief appreciates….eh hem.

The real proof came, when an acquaintance, with whom I generally converse in the afternoons noticed, or chose to let me know she had. She usually sees me in the afternoon after lotion application number 4 or 5 has called it quits and I am just to tired and cranky to keep up to facade. I had been using Bi-Kai Vanilla scent that week, but the tiny sample bottle had given it’s last a day or two before.

“What happen? The new lotion finish? You foot gone back to looking afternoon -ish.” she said, with a good nurtured chuckle.

Did I mention it’s all natural? Yep. All stuff squeezed from nature and blended together. No harsh artificial chemicals and possible carcinogens. And It’s all local. Produced by a son of the soil. All in all it’s pretty much what I’m looking for in a lotion and from what I gather what a lot of other tropical people are looking for too.


Look for more on Bi-Kai in the upcoming weeks, as the public product launch approaches, and be sure to check out and like their Bi-Kai facebook page, for more information on ingredients and events.


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