Leaky or Sneaky, we are not amused.

Dear Holly Wood,

The jig is up. We know, we all know, and we the fans are not amused. You guys have done some really odd things in the name of advertising, some really really questionable things, but this time you are taking it too far. We may have accepted your play as truth the first time, maybe even the second time, but not now, not when it happens so often to so many. In an industry where there is so much profit, pushing the drive to innovate, are you really expecting us to believe that the biggest studios have that poor security?

Have you guessed yet, to what I am referring? No? OK Here a hint.

images (6) Anything yet? No? OK, one more.

MV5BMTU2MDQ2OTUwOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDM0OTA3NDE@._V1_SX214_AL_ Ah, I see you get it now. realization is dawning in your eyes. I’m talking about the constant “leaking” of Pilots, Premiers, Episodes, Audition tapes, etc. The major spoilers to major plot points. Why, you may ask. would this be a problem?

Well you see the nerd culture is thus. We live for the lore, the discussion, the debate. We love to bicker and hypothesis about upcoming events within the fandom. But what you are effectively doing is revealing these things before their time. We are also the fans you have who don’t do instant gratification. We are patient and dedicated, no need to bait us. Take a hint from The Walking Dead won’t you, who seems to have better security than the Pentagon, and keep it way down low ’til it’s time for us to see. It builds the suspense and that is 3/4 of the fun.

Moreover, at this point, you are simply insulting our intelligence, stop cheapening the fan experience.

Best regards

A fingirl who sees through you.


2 thoughts on “Leaky or Sneaky, we are not amused.

  1. Well in the last week I marked more exam scripts that I care to count, one of my fandoms is facing cancellation, two others have had their next season leaked, and my country looks like its leaning towards becoming a police state. But on the upside, almost 11 months after my miscarriage my body finally feels normal-ish again. So yh in a mood, but no longer a funk.


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