Cinderella Night: Sips and Verses

For me, yesterday started as many a Saturday does, with laundry Except yesterday was no kind of normal I’ve ever experience. Though at this point I’m not sure there is such a thing as normal, but that’s a whole other post all together. So yesterday the universe seemed to be on it’s back foot with me.

I got a splinter to the foot, got splattered from head to foot with juice, twice, -_- took a spill in the kids room, and had an interesting altercation with a chicken, who seemed to take offence to me picking the clothes off the line. All this while having to deal with the complex interpersonal relationship(i.e. constant screaming matches) between the tribes men.  But I got through it all, even though at one point my faith wavered.

I got ready, I got my hair did, tamed my legs, slathered my whole self with Bi-Kai cosmetics Extrem Moisture Therapy Lotion: Cucumber melon scent, put on my armor (AKA the little black dress in my closet, and the understated jewelry I only try on in the mirror) which would let me fit in among the glamorous, and my most comfortable pumps, and set off with Kimolisa Mings books in hand, to the ball. I kid you not, it was a ball.

Set in what can only be described as the Ball room of Antigua’s’ most prestigious home. The Government House, the official residence of the Governor General Sir Rodney Williams. There we gazed at the works of Local artist, nibbled delicately on wine and cheese, and performed our literary works for the listening pleasure, of the Prime Minister, the deputy Governor General and his wife, members of the diplomatic core, other guests and of course other Authors.

206265_10150158289776188_50192766187_6865668_7880106_n 1743561_10152910676532633_4786731318895480982_n

The Lineup included. Joy Laurence, The works of Roy Dublin, Margaret Irish, Kimolisa Mings, Joanne C. Hillhouse, Dorbrene O’mard and, get this, me!! Can you imagine I got to share the stage with our nations Literary super stars? *Grinns from ear to ear*

But what was all this for? Well, the Government house has fallen into a state of disrepair and needs restoring. Restoring to the tune of 8 million. So as part of the fundraising program, we, the local authors, were asked to participate in a showcase of our work. It was win win win, we got to get all up in one of the most lovely and historical buildings I for one have ever seen, we got to enjoy readings by some really great folks, and they got to raise some much needed funds to preserve this piece of our history.


All in all I had a ball, it was fun and interesting and beautiful. I even almost left my glass slipper, all be it a black stiletto at the ball. lol

I would love to see the house open even in part to the public, maybe offering horse drawn carriage rides through town in the evenings, tea in the gardens, immaculate dinners, and maybe even open air classic theater on the beautiful grounds, all in aid of the restoration and a way to let people participate and share in this lovely quaint structure. Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Cinderella Night: Sips and Verses

  1. Well that’s exciting as all get out! AND I think that’s a terrific thought. Have you shared that with anyone who might be able to pass it along to the right people? It’s a really great, organic idea! Congrats, girlfriend!

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