Red: A review…..No spoilers I promise.


Red By Kimolisa Mings is available where ever ebooks are sold.


Death by Stiletto. Waking up into a nightmare, Cindy Ellington narrowly escapes a murder scene to become a wanted woman. Driven by the desire to clear her name, Cindy tries to find the real killer only to discover that the person behind it all will do everything in their power to destroy her. Sam Masterson, a seasoned detective, falls for an elusive stranger who is the suspect in a murder case.

About the Author:

Now I could copy and paste her Author Bio, or I could write a whole bunch of generic boring stuff to make this like every other review you have ever read. Or I can tell you the truth from my perspective. Which one do you think I’m going to do?…

Kimolisa is one of those people who come across very unassuming. You know the ones, they seem very meek and lull you into the feeling that you’ve known them forever. But she is also an immensely complex individual, quick witted and clever, the kind of person who you know has that little spark of mischief deep down, and the maturity and patience to make it really count. All characteristics she blesses her characters with. She is really cool, as cliche as that sounds, but it’s very simply true.

Now the Book.

Red is your classic who dun it. It’s a fast paced murder mystery that really draws you in. I found myself becoming emotionally invested in the characters and intrigued by their past as well as their present. These people, thrown into this crazy situation, could be real people. The girl you work with, the officer who came to your house that one time, you know the one, that cute one….oh wait, that doesn’t happen to everyone?

Even the Villains were worthy of a second, third and fourth glance. Worming their way into you, so that you began to see them not as the embodiment of the hero’s angst but as real people.

All in all it was a good read, one that took you on quite a few twists and turns right along with the characters, making you feel like part of the adventure. I would and have definitely recommend Red. Pass by Smashwords and get your copy today, and of course while you’re there check out all the other works by Kimolisa while you’re at it.


Any thoughts?

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