Fangirl Confession: I never finished Breaking Bad

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I know it seems absolutely absurd, and if it was any other show it probably would be, but this is Breaking Bad, probably one of the most ridiculously engrossing shows of all time. I have the episodes,right there in the que to be watched, but every time I get to them they seem to just get pushed on down the list. For over two years now, these 2 final episodes have been in the line up and every time we’ve met at that to watch or not to watch point the choice has been to not.

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I don’t know where it was but Walt did something to me, something about his veracious need to leave something behind, to build or achieve something makes my heart go out to the character. I mean he is right up my alley, being all nerd of the chemistry persuasion and loving the blow up-y parts of science. Also being willing to look at the world and walk a little on the dark side to get things done. I mean, who can’t relate to that?

Then there is Jessie, his dim witted partner who was initially just in it for the cash, then we find out he has a soul. Not only that it’s one of those lost puppy out in the rain kind of souls that makes you just want to take him in and nurture him until you realize he isn’t house broken then you just want to smack him with a wad of newspaper. During the course of the show you watch Jessie grow from narcissistic junkie to a fully grown mature business man, to the point where he kind of takes care of Dad Walt. Who would want to let these characters go?

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But they aren’t it, they are only the focal point around which all sorts of chaos ensue. In the midst of the ‘thug life’ or as much as there is in the world of meth cooking and car washed, you have the crazy that is Walt’s family. With Junior who, I think, really should trade places with Chris, because everybody does hate him, and Skyler, who comes only second to Lori as most hated female character on TV in my book.

Her oddball of a sister and her home brewing husband, who also happens to be a DEA agent after no other than Walt, who he doesn’t know is the real threat behind the purest meth ever to bless the streets.

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No I haven’t finished it, and I’m not proud of how weak I’m being, refusing to let them go, like my 3 year old would with some beloved toy that belongs to someone else. I have confessed, this is my biggest fangirl shame. I wonder how it will end?


3 thoughts on “Fangirl Confession: I never finished Breaking Bad

  1. Omg wow. Howwwww? Breaking bad was way too addictive to leave two episodes on the side… You are a stronger person than me that’s for sure.I’ve followed, and would be honoured to hear your thoughts on some of my works on my blog (mainly short stories, a bit of poetry, and got a novel in the works). Keep blogging and have a good day 🙂

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