Metal & Lace: A review

bookcover The review: This is my first Lena Black, and I must admit that when I saw the cover, the blurb and the genre, I was a bit skeptical as to if I could enjoy this. I was afraid of another cookie cutter novel, and I really really didn’t want to go through that again. Teaser2 But I read it, and I enjoyed it. Completely. I mean anyone who knows me knows I love a good romance with a very hot leading man, and Gunner does not disappoint. I also hate those weak leading ladies, you know the ones who need rescuing and petting, and Lace is none of those things. I loved the way the characters connected. The way the story is told from two perspectives really helps me get into each of them. I really liked that they aren’t your typical people, both had some great layers. They were also situated in a believable world, one that definitely was not what you expect from a typical experience. teaser3 The style of writing was a plus, I found it refreshing as a read. I had to tear myself away to do all the things that got in my way. You know like human interaction and chores and all that stuff. Suffice it to say, I heartily recommend this book.

Where can you get it? Metal & Lace  is available on Amazon.

Metal & Lace; An Opposites Attract Novel:

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About the Author: Lena Lena Black is the author of A Dominant Series. From a young age, as many writers, Lena had an itch to write and create. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, listening to killer tunes, or being a general goofball with her friends. She currently has several projects in the works, but is focusing on finishing up the last novel in A Dominant Series.

10 Fun Facts About Lena Black  

  1. Lena is obsessed with music, especially anything Lana Del Rey.
  2. Lena is a Disney geek.
  3. Lena loves black & white photography.
  4. Lena grew up on old movies, mostly of the musical variety.
  5. Lena enjoys rainy, grey weather.
  6. Lena was once told by the director of UP, Pete Doctor, that it’s never too late to follow her dreams. A few months later, she was penning her first novel.
  7. Lena loves the paranormal.
  8. Lena has been fascinated with the Titanic since she was a little girl.
  9. Lena loves all things coconut.
  10. Her secret wish is dance with Gene Kelly

Other works By Lena include: (and you can also note where they can be had)

A Dominant Man; A Dominant Series (Book #1):


Amazon –…/dp/B00IGAT0JS/

B&N –…/a-dominant…/1118977675

(PB) – Amazon –

B&N –…/a-dominant…/1118977675

Spotify Playlist –…/playlist/59wuof4nXsPdek74PMhhCT

A Dominant Fallen; A Dominant Series (Book #2):

(EBOOK) – Amazon –…/dp/B00OYE95IG/

(PB)- Amazon –

B&N –…/a-dominant…/1120676789

Spotify Playlist –…/playlist/2Z0jmPlLDLk8JQcBl5Da34

A Dominant Salvation; A Dominant Series (Book #3):

Spotify Playlist –…/playlist/4w440CBvqpzggSbIiAwi8F

A Dominant Affair: A Dominant Bundle 1 & 2:

(EBOOK) – Amazon –…/dp/B00RKE51JO/

What’s next for Miss Black?

Coming 2015 A Dominant Salvation (Book #3 in the Dominant Series) You’ve been with Damian and Elle through the worst of times and the best of times. But, there’s still something sinister lurking in the shadows. How will they survive the enemy that remains in the present and defeat the soul-crushing memories that fill the past? Will Elle finally be Damian’s salvation?


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