In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Community Service.”

Yep that is what I would say to my community. My native village, my adopted one, the one I work in, and every other one I have to come in contact with. All I really want to say is, that this is just my face. It looks serious most of the time, but that is really just the natural set of it. Don’t be offended by it, most of the time I’m really just thinking about fictional characters that I’m reading or watching or have fallen head over heels for. I don’t bite, I don’t have horns, and generally my good mornings, hellos, good byes are genuine. Except you, you know who you are.


Now by no means get me wrong, this is not an open invite to stampede through my living room to get tidbits about the goings on in my little world. This is simply an admittance that I hold no malice toward anyone, it’s just the way my face falls when it relaxes. There is even a name for the condition, though I can’t remember it at the moment.

I’m not secretive, just a bit awkward socially, and reclusive with people who’s tolerance to shenanigans I don’t know. I’m sure you all can understand. Oh and speaking of which, I would love to hear some of those tidbits you have managed to amass without me, about me. From what I hear by the by, I’m pretty interesting. More so than I ever thought myself to be, I think I should like to know more about this me, my broader community knows so well. I think I should like to live up to some of her exploits and have a stern talk to her about all those little secrets she has been hiding from me.

All in all I like where I live, my country I mean. We are a pretty easy going lot. We avoid conflict but when it does come up we generally treat it as fodder for the comedy mills, we are pretty tolerant to just about anyone who rolls around the corner all the more so if they are willing to be the butt of a few jokes. We don’t hold grudges too long, and generally pull together in times of crisis. We are a good set her in the 268, a wonderful mish-mash of crazy and compassionate. With a dollop of good nature and a deep abiding love of bread shops.

A truly lovely people, extraordinary in all the ways that make an ordinary community great. And if I were to say anything seriously to the community at large it would be: Remember that we are Antigua, we are us and no matter what others do or be, we, as an us, are just want we need to be to grow. Maybe a little more dialogue, but as long as it is within the context of Antigua and her people, then we are heading on a good path, even those of us with the permanent vex face.


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