Photo-Fiction Challenge #1

Hi there, and here is today’s Photo-Fiction prompt.11223534_908423035896723_2344967645132526833_n

Write a fictional piece of no more than 300 words. You pick your poison, poetry or story. Please don’t forget to link back here so we can check out your work. I look forward to reading what you come up with.

Challenge Accepted!!!!!! Please stop by and show some love to all the participants.

Rumble in the Enchanted Forest: In Medias Res

I shoulda Listened: Random_Michelle

Short Story: ‘Guess they were right’: The Hibster


5 thoughts on “Photo-Fiction Challenge #1

  1. Red Riding Hood of Rage

    This bastard, just who does he think he’s messing with. I was beyond angry, I was angry to the point of serenity. This bastard broke into my dear sweet granny’s kitchen and ate all the cookies, my cookies. He even had the gall to drink all the lemonade, and then took a huge dump, in the freaking sink. My poor grandmother was so distraught at the incident that she had a mini stroke. My mom forced me into cleaning up the mess that was left behind. I’m a ten year old little girl; I’m supposed to smell like sugar, spice and everything nice. Not wolf shit. So in a rage I tracked his ass down, using up all the bullets in grandma’s shotgun on his friends. They shouldn’t have gotten in my way. Now I stared him down, the big bad wolf himself, and I unleashed all my rage upon him.
    I drew the knife I hid up my sleeve and drove it into his left eye, relishing his howl of pain.
    I withdrew the bloody blade and danced – now thankful for being forced to do ballet – around his gnashing jaws. I stabbed him repeatedly until he finally fell to the floor, and then I stabbed him some more. I didn’t stop until strong hands pulled me away from the lifeless corpse and the iron bracelets of the law were clamped around my wrist. Apparently the police received an anonymous tip about animal abuse and came to investigate, they found me. As the officers lead me away one of them asked. “What possessed you to do such a thing?” I didn’t look up as I replied plainly

    “The son of a bitch ate all the fucking cookies.”

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