What’s your Zombie ?


If it were to happen today, the zombie apocalypse which type would you prefer?

The slow moving herd movers like in The Walking dead? With their sometimes, super hearing, and maybe super smell. Not to mention that uncanny ability to lull us into a false sense of security so they can quietly shuffle up behind us then start moaning just before they take a chomp.

Or the zombies from World War Z or I am legend. These ones I’m not completely certain are dead. More like augmented killing machines, with some consciousness left. Just enough to fuel their basal instincts maybe as far as organizing into packs, and identifying and defending mates but not much else.

Or…and these are the ones I fear, the ones from that Zombie Twilight movie. The ones that thought, and decided when to move and where to go. The ones that plan attacks and love to dine on our brains so they can feel human again.

Shiver at the thought. These zombies have personality and intellect, they hunt and plot. Can you imagine it. To live in a world where the dead outthink the living?

Give me mindless slow moving drones with maybe super senses any day. What about you?


Any thoughts?

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