My Boys, Benna Boys, To Russia With Love

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2018!!! #BennaBoys vs Guatemala @ the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium! This Friday, Sept. 4th! Kick off at 8:05pm!

FREE for Children 12 & under | $30 for Adults | Group Rate is ONLY $20 for 20 persons until Friday 12 noon.
#BennaBoys “Ready For The World!”


Here is where I admit that I don’t know anything about football. Well…not nothing at all. I know that it involves goals, and players of a given number, though nobody ever bothered to give me the number and a ball that you generally can’t touch with your hands. The only player I can generally identify right off the bat is the Goalie, partly because I may have taught him, but mainly because hes the guy standing in front of the goal just waiting for people to kick a very hard ball at him at very high speed.

No I don’t know anything about football. But I am a Benna Boys Fangirl. Not like many of my country men who have a team they back from some place else. One with players who are more like monoliths to the game that people. Who have been scouted almost as soon as they could walk. So that if my boys can go no further they continue to cheer and rave. Oh no, my boys learned to play in the streets and in our schools and in our community clubs. They learn to play for love and passion, and infuse that into the rest of us when we see them at it. But I digress.

My love of football rises and sets on the Benna Boys. When they play I am front and center. Usually finding out just that day so generally in front my TV. Like I said I don’t know much about the game but it’s not uncommon during a match to see me in front of my screen jumping up and down or even shouting at the men who definitely can’t here me. I know that when my team has the ball, it’s time to cheer, and when they don’t it’s time to boo. When it looks like the boys from the 268 might be close to making a goal or stopped one from the opponent its time for me to jump in jubilation.

When they are done, so am I, the whole football universe is dead to me. Until I hear them again, ready to compete. Like now, here they are ready to take on another opponent for me. I’ve already dusted off the pom poms, My Benna Boys are going to make me proud.


Any thoughts?

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