Dem say me say…


“Me hear he say…”

“Did he now?”

“Yes gyal he say um, he say um and he add on. He min pan he back foot when he say um too?”

“You haffu lie? He couldn’ say dat? Wha kinda crazy man woulda say dat?”

“Me say me hear he wid me two ear dem. He say um, he say um and he min mean um.”

“Ok lemme go talk to he, mek he tell me heself.”

“No No gyal, he done say um. He nar go talk to you, but he say um, he really say um, and he mean um too. He min serious serious serious. He tell she and she ova dey, he tell ebrybady. Me say he say um She tell me so.”

“She? Who she? Me tink you say he tell you so. Look, me go ask he meself, he can say um to me face.”

“Yes he say um, wha mek you nuh believe me? He say um, me hear he say um, and if you aks he, he go lie an’ say nuttn go so. But he say um. Kip fram he see…He say um and he min serious.”

“Ah right. Me trus’ you. He mussa say um. He dutty dahg. Me believe he say um, ol’ coot, ol’ nincumpoop. He say um, me go do fu he, cause he say um.”

“Me know, she tell me say he say um. Do wha you haffu do, he say um fu true fu true.”

“Murda gyal, ah wha you do? Ah wha dat dey? A who gee you dat?”

“Me do fu he? After he say dat.”

“Wha you mean you do fu he?”

“Me mean me do fu he. He done done done. When me done wid he, he min done done done.”

“Wha mek you do dat? Gyal you know wha you do? You really do um?”

“You na hear de siren? Yes me do um. He na ha no right fu say dat.”

“Oh God. You really do um? True fu True? You do um? You really do um?”

“Yes, me do um, because he say um. Now ee done, he nar say nuttn again.”

“But anna he say um. Ah de odda one say um, she tell me wrong, ah de odda one. De one dat live ova so. Ah he say um.”


This is written in my native tongue. My Antiguan creole. It tells the story of two women gossiping, which ends in tragedy.


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