Dr. Kill ‘an Cure

While I am always amused by Tales of Major, I’m also reminded of my own Granny.
For my Granny it was tea, “Drink likkle tea” she would say. Sometimes it was a particular bush but more often than not it was a little milo. What was your Kill ‘n’ cure growing up?

Dat Bwoi for Jackie

Every now and again I contemplate my life; I ponder great things: of the universe, of mankind, of life of why am I so damned obsessed with chocolate….it goes on into infinity. However, every now and again I browse through my memories, memories that are sometimes triggered by a random word or sight. What I came to realize was that all memories of my grandfather were fond. One such series of memories were triggered after reading some text messages where my mom, Jackie, was dispensing health advice. Dr. KillnCure I texted with a chuckle.

You see, my grandfather, Major (MAH-jor), was the previous possessor of that title, and truth be told I think he was proud of it eh. Where he got that name? Who give him? What it mean? Ok I go tell you. First off you need to understand the different ‘Believe’. Now-a-days people Believe or Have…

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