The Daily post and serendipity

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “These Horns Were Made for Tooting.”

I am not going to write about myself. No, I could, I could spout all sorts of postulations that I don’t believe. About being a great writer and a great poet and an awesome mother and a terrific teacher but I’m not going to, because when it comes right down to it, at this point I think of myself as just another regular Josephine trying to get by.

But what I will write about is the way that the Daily post as an uncanny ability to give me prompts that fit exactly with what is going on in my world. You see, yesterday I was audience to one of the most bombastic intentional misconstruings of my life. I say it was intentional because what else can you call it when someone invents subtext to plain English and then launches a tyrannical witch hunt and scolding on subject matter that is plainly placed in front of them.


This matter was met not with concern or with genuine sympathy, or even a willingness to provide the services requested and already paid for, but with a highly audible and ego maniacal session of misplaced horn tooting and evangelical verbalization, more aimed at self defense rather than actual helpful aid.

And then I come here, and see “These horns were made for tooting.” and was immediately transported back to that too small conference room, filled with the concerned downtrodden who could barely breath while being pressed down by a pile of male bovine manure that would make the mighty Boggy Peak feel small by comparison.

Oh yes there was the tooting of horns, steeped in irony and heralding a time of change. Real change, the kind that happens slowly, by those who are diligently motivated, and patient.


Any thoughts?

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