On the topic of Passion

People should be passionate about things. It’s only natural, it’s what drives and motivates us. It’s the stuff that revolutions are made of…right?


So recently I started keeping company with a bunch of really amazing ladies. All titans in their own way. All writers, all inspired and inspiring, and all passionate about something. Be it Women’s issues, Feminism, Public speaking and professionalism or just plain writing for the love of writing. They all have passion, real and enduring.

Now any normal person would just sit back and be inspired. Maybe take the proximity to such intensity as a sign that the universe is trying to get me to finish my manuscripts or finish editing that first draft I managed to get the end of the other day. But we all know that this girl is just contrary. So instead of just going with it, what do I do?

I start wondering if there is something wrong with me. Why don’t I have that kind of intense drive? What is missing in my psychosis that doesn’t allow me to pick a cause, but instead to spend time dissecting all the ones I come across?

It’s not that there aren’t things that don’t perk my fancy, things that bring up strong emotion and an urge to action. There are, there are many, there are soooo many. There is the state of education, drug addiction, media driven misconception, the death of society perpetuated by social media, victim advocacy, body image issues, teen motherhood, small island politics, social responsibility in the media, the broad brushing of males, breast feeding taboos, motherhood in general… the list goes on. So why don’t I have a cause? Why can’t I rally all my energy to that one thing from which I can draw fire from the depths of my core to rally the troops and crusade for the greater good?

Maybe because there are so many. It’s overwhelming, to think of all the things off kilter in the world we live in. I, one single little woman, definitely can’t affect any real and enduring change, not by the means I have available to me. I would be just one voice screaming into the wind. What good would it do? Who would I save? Wouldn’t my energies be better spent on the folks I hold dear?

My answer is yes. But before you write me off as just another selfish schmo, hear me out. I have nether the temperament or personality to lead a revolution. What I do have is the tribe,and the many minds that pass through my hands each year, and the recklessness to share my experiences and opinions with them.

No I can’t change the world alone, but I can be a voice, one quiet voice in the darkness, planting seeds in the minds of others. Not to follow any one course, or to subscribe to any one cause, but to think. Radically and independently of all the things and people telling you what to think and how to think it.

No I don’t have a cause, no bright beacon of passion shining obviously from my self, but maybe I don’t need that. Maybe what is needed of me is to be that issue wild child, flitting from place to place, challenging everyone and everything. Maybe that’s my cause, or not. But for now I’m kinda liking the lack of singular direction.

What about you? What’s your cause, if any? From whence to you draw your passion? What do you think inspires that passion in others?

6 thoughts on “On the topic of Passion

  1. Hmmnnn… I have come across this situation too. People around me talk about various things and I sit there just looking at them, listening to them and wondering is there something with me? No, nothing is wrong with me. Like you said, I too, worry about a lot of things happening on the face of this Earth and it hurts, real bad! 😦 So, what do I do? What is my role? I intend to reach out to people through my words, my writing in the hope that they can make people think, question, ponder and understand different ways to look at a thing. That’s what I think as of now.

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  2. You know, I used to have a lot of causes I devoted time to — the crisis pregnancy center, teaching, etc., but the older I get the less I seem to have that kind of energy. Maybe I had to many fingers in the pie? Should have concentrated on one. Burned out.

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