The Perfect Guy: A tainted review.


Now I will freely admit that this review is somewhat biased by my crush on the antagonist, upon whom I have had a fangirl crush since Barber Shop. So if my inner geek girl comes a squealing at you, do not be alarmed, just ignore her and she will grab a hold of herself.

I will also pause here to include the obligatory spoiler alert.

Now the first thing that struck me about this movie was it’s abruptness. The pace of the movie was such that, huge chunks of time went missing between scenes. From the initial break up with Morris’s character, to meeting Micheal’s character to the flip switch crazy of that self same character.

It left me a bit disoriented as I sat in the dark, trying to figure out how things escalated so quickly. How our heroine fell so hard so fast, and was so willing to reveal herself to this man. I eventually caught on, but it still felt a bit jerky to me. After that however my alter ego’s began to fight.

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The feminist in me…jumped and yelled, sometimes out loud at the screen. As we all know the successful desperate woman who had let “life” pass her by, in the form of a husband and babies, for her career is completely absurd to me. Why are women portrayed that way in this day and age? Why do we eat up that crap? There’s nothing wrong with building yourself a life before you give it. Furthermore ushering life into the world, isn’t just another time sensitive accomplishment, it’s a choice and one that comes with some heavy consequences that not everyone is ready for or built for, so can we please put that stereotype to bed?

All that being said I can see why this lady was so eager to let this man enter her life. Without so much as a home address coming with him. Why she was quick to salivate and plan the perfect future around those pretty blue eyes. I understand it, I just didn’t like it. Not to mention sticky ickly public bathroom sex, he’s hot, but not that hot. No matter how much reggae they play…ewwww.

She did come through in the end though, when she finally grew a pair, and took matters into her own hands. I’m all for a lady who knows how and is willing to protect herself. So kudos to the film for that.

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The fangirl in me…cooed and awed at the fascinatingly attractive Mr Ealy. To the point where, when the crazy was switched on the man sitting next to me, who happens to be my hubby, had to remind me that the man I was calling “Boo” and “Babe” was in fact a deranged psycho killer. I had to reign it in with the drooling over those eyes, that smile, those droplets falling from his body as he did those push ups. I mean my man didn’t kill the cat!!!!!! Who can hate a man who looks like that and loves cats?….Oh wait? You can? OK.

Again in my defense any one who has read my Gone Girl review, knows how I feel about Villain lovin’.

But again the pace hit me hard. I mean the development of the psychosis was lost on us. I mean you date a man or how many ever months, until you feel comfortable bringing him home for public holidays and at the first incident of somewhat shakily justifiable easily explained away violence you are read to bolt? Even worse you won’t even let him explain? I mean if communication is key in a relationship then at least he was owed that? Right?

Well he didn’t get it, so on comes the creepy. I won’t say in detail for fear of barfing, but let’s just say, I will always empty my wine glasses from now on, and invest in disposable toothbrushes…ewww. And to all the nosy neghbours out there, please watch these films, from Fatal Attraction to The Perfect guy. An anonymous call to the Po-Po is much appreciated and will keep you out of the psycho cross hairs.

All in all I loved this movie, the story was good though could have been better told from a cinematic perspective in my humble opinion. The abundance of eye candy was much appreciated. And for once the Black folk, were normal middle class folks. No Ebonics, no ghetto cousins or siblings, no crack head or pot heads, no Drug dealers, and no Koolaid and Fried chicken references. It’s set the image of the American Black community ahead a few decades, and I really appreciate that.

Now for the numbers: The obligatory +1 for not being Ronin gives this movie a well deserved 8.

Mr Ealy? If you would like to discuss the matter further my inbox is always open…Was that creepy?….No…Well…Maybe…but I’m harmless I promise.

Any thoughts?

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