Flash Fiction Challenge – Zombies vs Healer

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Melinda Kucsera - author of epic fantasy adventures


The Necromancer vs the Healer

00000446-smallThe necromancer raised them row by row,
ripped from death’s sleep, the zombies sprang from graves.
An army shambles bent on overthrow,
its mauve-robed leader can’t ever be saved.
Drawn by death’s cold touch and stench of decay,
a healer comes with life’s power in his veins.
His touch turns zombies to dust, and waylays
the necromancer’s plans. No innocents slain,
no kingdom overthrown–Necromancer
faces Healer, but life always prevails.
One touch removes un-life, Necromancer
falls, his mauve robes puddle, his bargains fail,
for power he swapped salvation, enslaved
himself to Death, but he can still be saved.

~ ~ ~

Based on a scene in a short story I’m working on, which takes place during the Curse Breaker Saga.

prompted by: Zombie Apocalypse 268 Flash Fiction Challenge and dark | side | thursday

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4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge – Zombies vs Healer

  1. Zombie Plan, Damn Right I Have One

    Have you ever wished that you could laugh your ass off at someone? Someone who’s laughed – in your face – when you told them something, improbable. Like for instance if you gave them your detailed itinerary in case there was ever a zombie outbreak. Now I know that it sounds stupid and highly unlikely to happen. But that doesn’t mean it can’t, and I for one am making sure that if it does occur, I’m ready. And guess what, it has happened and I was ready. Now back when we were chillin’ out together and watching Zombieland together, I decided to setup a ‘zombie evac plan’. Meaning that if there ever was an outbreak I knew where I was going and what I would need. Who the fuck could have guessed that one actually would happen? But thanks to my over active imagination and grand thief auto, I was ready.
    Now I know what you’re thinking? How the fuck did zombies get to a small little third world island like Antigua in the first place? And the answer to that is easy, they flew here. Maybe I should back up and clarify that statement. See this whole pandemic started in good ol’ US of A as per freakin’ usual. Why must Uncle Ben insist on kicking in Mother Nature’s back door? Why’d they even make the shit in the first place is beyond me, much less how it got out. Well anyway the virus is slow moving, taking about twenty days before anyone shows signs of having it. And even then it’ll appear to be nothing more than a common cold. So most people, upon hearing about some new virus outbreak, are gonna panic. They’ll want to get as far away from it as possible, hence coming to a place like Antigua, not realizing that they’re carriers already.

    And then BOOM, Zombieland 2 – Tropical heat. Now here’s a key thing to know. The virus is not an air-born pathogen. Meaning you can’t catch it by someone who has it breathing on you – typical right. It’s transmitted through bodily fluids i.e. blood, saliva, sweat. So soon people were terrified to so much as hug each other. But that’s not what you want to know right. Of course not, you want to hear my sweet zombie plan. Well first things first you’re gonna need a stronghold. You know, someplace to hold the fort. At first my selection was jail, I mean high sturdy walls, different useable facilities like a bathroom and a mess hall. Plus a stockpile of weapons and protection gear. But a good friend of mine with his own Armageddon plan pointed out some flaws to this choice. So I had to revise my plan and instead opted to go off shore on a boat. Why you ask, well think about it, have you ever seen a movie where a zombie can swim. Cause I haven’t.
    Second thing on my roster is weapons, and lots of them. Now me personally, I would go for silent weapons. Stuff like a cutlass or an axe, or a gun with a silencer. The last thing you wanna do is fire off a gun and draw every zombie in a three mile radius straight to your ass. Third thing I’m going for is food and supplies. But I think this one would be the easy to accomplish. I mean it’s not like people are still working. Heck the cute chick that worked a ‘First Choice’ is now a zombie – serves you right bitch, acting like you’re too good to give me your number. Plus seeing as zombies mostly hunt by sense of smell and hearing there is way to circumvent them. But it’s nasty, I mean you’re gonna have to put on a dead zombies clothes. Now remember, you to make sure that they’re completely dry or you’re screwed. But if you can get some then zombies won’t trouble you. After all you’ll smell just like them, although you’ll have to walk at a moderate speed and try to keep your heart rate low. So really it’s not for the faint of heart.
    And that’s how I plan to survive. I’mma set up a base camp on Redunda. Complete with a massive tent, diesel generator, weapons and a game center. And I mean the whole nine yards, PS4, X-BOX 360, Saga Genesis- why not. Ain’t like anybody is gonna miss them. A schedule for going to the main land to collect supplies and looking for allies, cause wants to go through the zombie end days alone. Then kick and enjoy the new, free-er world. No more working dead end jobs, taxes, rent, stuck-up bitches.

    Well, maybe a few bitches.


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