Ashes: A Broken Inception…a testimonial.


Have you ever read a passage that forced you so close the pages and stare off into nothing? The kind of book that forces the mind to ruminate on the concept. Tugging you in with the lint and flow of the internal voice of whomever narrates in your mind space. The kind of book that infects your mind space with flights of everything from here to there?

No? You haven’t? Well…here is your chance.

For a time I had been catching vibes of the enthusiasm of all the folks around me who “JUST LOVED” this book. They ranted and raved and gave those over the top recommendations, that usually turn me away from a thing. I can’t help it, it’s the rebel in me.

But then the book made an appearance in the Best of Books, and it sat burning a hole in the shelf and I was curious, as I usually am about the things that come to pass as a result of my country-men’s effort. I hesitated, then I didn’t and I picked it up and I was smitten.

This is an offering presented in such a way that it reminded me of a book that was aged, the font and the set, the feel and the smell of the pages, told me to get comfortable, maybe wait for a rainy afternoon. Before even a word was decoded, the pages suggested to me that this was a work, worthy of my full attention, meant to keep me company on one of those days that make life worth it.

I didn’t wait, I read, first a snippet here and there, then full pages. I read them in quiet corners in times of absolute privacy. I didn’t want to share. And each piece of poetry and each section of prose made me sit and stare into my own imagination and savor the images that dance, and sang, and loved and raged there.

It took two weeks to finish this slender little thing, form the tri-mind of the Spilling Ink. If not told, I would never have guess that this book was the work of three separate entities. But I’m glad for the symbiosis of thought that they are.

I end this review was it? Or is it more a testimonial? With an endorsement. Pick it up, read it, be captured by it, Love it and love with the characters in it. You won’t regret. If anything you will come away inspired, vexatiously hungry for things that will captivate you this same way.

Available at The Best of Books on Lower St Mary’s street, and on


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