To do or not to do? Most days that’s not even a question.

Seriously for me most days it really isn’t that much of a choice. To drag my not-so-old bones into an upright position in order to write something or edit something or plan and plot something, is just too much. After a hard day’s work, or parenting, or home hold downer-ing, because I’ll admit it the home making thing is soooo not my forte.

But I digress, my point is most days I don’t write, I can’t build within myself the urge to write anything. Instead I binge watch in the few moments I have before sleep mugs me into unconsciousness, lulled sweetly by the lullaby of my children’s voices as they fight over who is making the most noise in the bedroom and who is preventing whom from going to sleep. Until they too are attacked by the sandman and rendered silent.

Oh wait I’ve wondered off again haven’t I? Yes, I don’t write, not for lack of inspiration or lack of interest or lack of juicy stuff to put on the page, but because when it all comes right down to it, I am a procrastinator, plain and simple. But hark…I see a bright light behind this ominous cloud of a personality flaw.

You see in the time I spend not writing, I’m often thinking about the things I’m not writing and the fact that I’m not writing them, guilt tripping myself if you will. And low and behold what should come, but a new plot or the clarification of one that has been bothering me.

Yessir, I tell you procrastination is one of the best things that’s happened to the books I haven’t published yet. The ones that are half done or just drafted , that I’m still muddling over in my procrastinatory state.

Oh this doesn’t count, Writing 101 made me do this. This is actually assignment 7, just me musing over the tweet they gave me and told me to be inspired by, which I seriously contemplated procrastinating on doing, like last week. And look where that got us? šŸ˜€


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