Sit…Let’s talk. Irish Cream?

sw_SonjaLangford4So…Sip…whatcha been up to?…Sip…anything interesting?….Sip…No? OK…

This would be the part where you ask me what’s up with me. Did you ask? If not then have a nice day, I enjoyed staring at you over my mug.

If you did, then…sit…want a splash of Irish cream? I think I’ll have…oops too much…aww who’s counting?

I’m actually here, just trudging through life the way I normally do. I’m still writing book one of my Future series, the one where I tackle the future if they were taken over by some of the prominent social groups of our time.

And the one about the Serial Killer , and the one about the Call Girl, all based in my country, because well… that’s what I know. I’m hoping to finish for December, if not April. But right now work and home are kicking me hard in the BLEEEEP,…sip… so it’s kind of rough.

I’m also working on a really exciting project with some really …hiccup… awesome chicks, but I don’t wanna say too much,…sip… but it’s gonna be really cool…eeepp!!!

Oh and the writing challenge is going really well, better than I’ve hoped, it’s bought me in contact with some really good story tellers,…sip hiccup… and even some awesome poets. You know the ones right? No? Oh well here’s a link check them out.

Other than that, I’m doing all the usual life things, I’ve got wine to be bottled, and grades to enter, and assignments to administer, and exams to matriculate, or is it metriculate? I’m not sure right now…sip…hiccup…sip…hiccup…they both sound sort of diabolical if you ask me.

I think I’m gonna be quiet now….Hiccup….your turn.


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