The Last Witch Hunter: review


5 thoughts on “The Last Witch Hunter: review

  1. “Yes I went there, think twice before sitting in front of me with your bros, shining your business directly onto my retinas.” — this cracked me up! My cousin-in-law says the same thing! (which is why I love seeing movies with her and “her hubs”; we have more fun joking about the idiots sharing the theater with us than seeing the movie)

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      1. She’s quite unique and so is her family; that’s what attracted me to your blog, you have a similar outlook, you keep things fresh and you hold no bars all the while framing things in unique and often humorous ways. Keep it up please!


  2. Great review! I’m going to see it now! I LOVE Rose Leslie, too. Loved her Downtown Abbey even before Game of Thrones though she was great as Ygritte. Vin? My favorite movie by him is The Pacifier! šŸ˜€ I LOVED him in that.

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