Those Pics Though

Now it’s happened to may of us. You hear a ping, or chirp, or song, or whatever it is that you use, and you swipe or tap and there it is. In all it’s glory.

A close up  of something engorged and glistening, sometimes under a cascade of water, sometimes being wrangled by a hand so as to dissuade the sway and bob of it, so it can pose for us. Usual the tip of it sparkling with that telltale dew drop of prophesy, or is it promise, or is it temptation. Yes the veins and dimples distinct and the contrast between head and body stark in your site, even as it may only be a peeking appearance through the hood straining hard to restrain it from view. As if this thing has its own sense of modesty, wanting to hold on to that last bit of allure, the little mystery that ones can have after ripping away ones ocular innocence.

Do you see it? Can you envision it? Worse, can you find an example in your Gallery, inbox, in the file we keep under an unassuming name hidden within a file, withing another file, so that we can hold on to whatever it is that lets us show that disdainful face at such things when in “polite company”?


I speak dear sister of the Dick Pic. The one someone, perhaps in the heat of some promise of passions yet to be embracesd has sent you. As a means of titillation maybe. An invitation, as I see it, to be judged at this point by the cut of his…uhh..jib? To have all desirability distilled down to the aesthetics of a phallus.

Unsolicited and not well kept, or well shaped, are often not well received. As it is quite the arrogant gesture, and quite the obtuse show of vapidity that would motivate such a move. Unwanted and certainly should be unrequited, it’s a sad commentary on the skills of our men in the art of wooing a woman, or, given that they don’t seem to be often reprimanded, on what some women will accept as wooing, or perhaps even on the fact that so many of them have no other appealing properties than that singular elongation of their anatomy.

Ah but, in that same breath, many of you, dear sisters, can attest that a well place, solicited offering, from a lover can enhance the tease and the chase that is technologically enhanced foreplay. Many a time inducing that breathless state of anticipation, that caused us to glance around to ensure that no one has a clue in what we delight. And when caught in the gaze of some curious, coworker, bystander, attracted by our guilty grin or flaming cheeks, bringing on from them an eyebrow arched in that accusing way, so that all we can offer in justification of our state, is a silly grin and a giggled refrain. “Those pics though.”


11 thoughts on “Those Pics Though

      1. Seriously, I love a nice back on a man. It dates from my adolescence, when I used to go and see a neighbour, and her husband would come home from work, take his shirt off and wash at the kitchen sink. I had fallen for his face, but once I saw his back I was lost…

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