Mockingjay Pt 2…

…the Katniss and Peta story continues. The painfully awkward ‘romance’ if you can call it that, between these two literally crazy kids has struck the silver screen again with a disappointing thud.

There I said it, what I think most of us who haven’t read the books were thinking. That these actors, this studio, the whole crew and main stream advertising have colluded with the movie theaters to steal our money, by promising us a blockbuster worth writing home to mother about. My mother would not have been impressed, like at all.

This is a film characterized by awkward, over long dramatic pauses, that confused or blank look on Katniss’s face, your heart aching for the cute guy she should have ended up with, and the drawn out erroneous telling of a story that has been over told.

But hark…there were a few good points.sp1_d18_07084_r.jpg

  1. If I were to try to find someone to be inspired by in this story it would be this woman, who even trapped in an underground fortress, wit nothing but grey and dull and dank, managed to emerge a technicolor butterfly. Effy refused to let the spirit of fashion die, even in the face of utter utilitarianism. Love her.
  2. download (1) Behold there were zombies, or mutants or whatever these things were. They provided the singular bit of excitement in the entire film. Though it kind of makes me wonder about the inventiveness of the American film industry, and literary industry, that the only thing that can add a little pizzazz is a rip off monster from Resident evil.
  3. There were some interesting characters. Though not very well developed in my opionion. Given the amount of time the main characters spent in awkward silence, time that would have been better spent giving these folks a monologue, a flashback, anything to distract from the painfully obvious main story line.tumblr_nu29tyuyzc1tlvcuxo1_500

  4. Now I’m not the biggest Julianne Moore fan, but I found her acting and the acting of the generals to be spot on, just the right shade of sinister, and thinly veiled insincerity. Loved it, and she stayed in character to the very last moment, a very very satisfying and extremely neat death my lady. Thank you.

All in all it wasn’t as bad as the infamous 47R but it wasn’t that great either. How does the final movie in a series end on a cliff hanger? I feel cheated, I feel under entertained, I feel disappointed, in this movie and all it promised but failed to deliver. So this movie gets a 3. One for the hope that is the spirit of fashion, one for the enemy in the fold and the unsung supporting characters and another for the zombies.

Go watch or not, tell me what you think if you do, but if you don’t, I don’t think you will miss too much.



7 thoughts on “Mockingjay Pt 2…

  1. This is just confirming my reasons for skipping the films altogether. I read the first Hunger Games book and didn’t like most of it. Some of it was good but there was a lot that just annoyed me. So I didn’t read the next two and I don’t plan to. I have given up on YA as a whole.

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      1. You know I have to get back to that series. I have read the first four books (I love Nick) but I somehow missed the more recent books of his. I was mad at her for what she did to him in the adult series.


      2. I love some of the books from the adult series. There are some real gems in there. I just don’t understand why she chose to mess with Nick in there. I was glad when she started the teen series for him. I hoped it would lead to way to fix what she screwed up in the adult series. In the adult series he makes a lot of cameos across the books which is how you see him. He doesn’t have his own book in there. He’s just a delightful supporting character you see grow from a teen into a college kid and beyond.


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