The art of dropping words


It happens all over, from the most upscale boutique to the deepest nook in the ghetto. It wouldn’t surprise me if small furry woodland creatures in the underbrush of some unexplored section of jungle in some exotic uncharted place have mastered the art.

Here we call it, Dropping words or to drop words, more rather in the creole “fu jap wud” and boy do we do it in grand style. You know what I’m talking about, we all know someone who does it all the time. They are versed in the language of passive aggression. Be it passing snarly remarks, then sipping on a little tea and proclaiming in some way or another that they are somehow above it all. Or just being overtly condescending, even when nobody asked their opinion.


Some just casting generalizations into the ether and hoping that the object of their angst gets the message, and is off somewhere stewing in a veritable puddle of guilt or jealousy.

Those are the pros, there are others who will make a statement plain and simple, looking you in the eye, as if willing you to take the hint or is it the bait? Barefaced, and somehow satisfied when you try to err on the side of politeness and not take the readily offered offence.

Now I started off this post with a list in mind. I wanted to not only examine the phenomenon, but the rationalization behind it. I wanted to ‘jap some wud” of my own by stating that…

  1. Not everyone is well versed in the art. Indeed some will claim that all women are champion word droppers, but that is not always the case. You can find men, well versed in this art. However, not everyone are Pros. Some folks can give all the effect of a three paragraph tirade in a single stare. If you find one of these passive aggressive virtuoso, it is at his/her feet you should spread your mat and offer your tides. In my experience they tend to be far smoother, and less passionate about the thing. And…
  2. The entire practice seems to speak to a certain caliber of person. 20b0f0e4fbd27b93770c89c5f53d92e4 After all, what sort of mature and well spoken person hides behind this kind of debauchery in order to make known their grouse with another person of equal caliber?

I had fully intended to continue on by expressing my amusement at some of the acrid outpourings of passive aggression all over my Facebook feed. Amusement that eventually turned to disdain and an eye ache, as I spent as much time rolling my eyes as I did scrolling. All while typing…


as sarcastically as I could where I was inclined to.

Yeah in all actuality I was going to drop some heavy words of my own. But why?

Wouldn’t that make me just as bad as the person who threw the first meme? Reducing myself to hiding behind thinly veiled, mildly insulting statements that could be directed at anyone really? Again why? To maintain the facade of fren-enmity?

You see, one of the things I’ve struggled with in the last year since donning the title of ‘Author’ is the issue of being palatable to a broad audience. I freely admit, I would love this blog to be widely read. But at what cost? My wit? My upfront blunt personality?

No sah, as my mother would say “not a shit”. No amount of notoriety  is worth loosing the comfort I have grown within myself. I mean, that honesty is what you guys like right? In fact, one of things I love about me, is that the folks who know and love me are comfortable knowing that what they  hear and see is exactly what they get. Crotchety and all.

I can’t seem to escape, though, this new mode of speech, seeming spurred on in popularity by social media, which is where I tend to get most of my social/contemporary interaction. Less and less does the mantra of “it takes all kinds” make me feel any more accepting of the foolishness. So maybe I need to start with me, to forget about PC, (the internet thrives on controversy anyway right?) and just say what’s on  my mind. No tongue in my cheek, not wud jappin, just good old fashioned blunt honesty.

Do you think that could work for us? Do you think it could work for more than just us?


2 thoughts on “The art of dropping words

  1. You know what, girlfriend? It’s your honesty and personality that keeps me comin’ back to your blog. If people can’t handle that, it’s their problem, not yours. You gotta be true to who you are, and we love who yo are! 😀


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