Changes By Jim Butcher: Not a book review

In response to the Daily post: Second time Around


I’ve read this book four times now, and as it e come around Easter it will be time for me to r-read the series again. Well not all of them, just my all time favorites. And of those this one tops the list.

Why, you ask? Well…Because this book is just freaking AWESOME!!

  1. The way the story flows, the way it encompasses so much but is based on a single theme so strong that it tugs at them heart strings. The action, the adventure, the wicked humor.
  2.  I think I’m in love with the main character. He is all the things I have epitomized in a man. He is imperfect, and Ok with that. He is all kinds of brave, tall,over 6 feet (Which is very alluring when you’re practically a pygmy),  and that code of ethics…oooohhh….sexy. Wrap that in a leather duster and give him the ability to wield magic? I’m sold. (Don’t tell the Mister OK?)
  3. There are plot twists and turns and details that never fail to get me excited. There are always things that I seem to miss the last time I read it, and each and every time I do it, I find myself taking long mental walks into deep thought. It makes me do that, not much does now a days.
  4. Last but not least, and this true of the whole series, reading these books always inspires me. Not to write, or more rather, not just to write, but to LIVE. hey inspire me to want to help where I can, to enjoy the great moments and even to appreciate the bad ones. To enjoy my family, the real family, the ones who are more than blood.

Oh look it, I’m getting all misty eyed over here. Yeah, so I love this book, the whole series, and I keep going back to them. Maybe if you tried them you would too.


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