Photo-Fiction #24

I know  Adult candy day is coming up, and some of us are all excited about that. Some of us are just all hyped for the Deadpool and The Walking Dead premiers. In any case, no matter what the day is exciting you for, it’s all sexy. Soo…


Can you tell their story in 300 words? Here’s the challenge.

Write a fictional piece of no more than 300 words. You pick your poison, poetry or story. Please don’t forget to, mention this post in yours, and link back here i.e. include a link to this post in your post on your blog, so we can check out your work. Happy writing guys, have fun, I look forward to reading what you all come up with.

Don’t have a blog but still want to submit a story? Do you have an interesting picture you would like to see our participants write on? Contact me at and submit. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stories or pieces submitted in the way much contain the Authors Name and a short bio in the body of the email.

Challenge Accepted!!!!! Please stop by and show these amazing folks some love.

Psychologistmimi: Lupercalia Ecstasy:She was just a face at the side of the crowd

Jhohadli: Original Sin

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