Valentine by half


This was me up to last night, Life was good. This weekend has been stellar so far, it’s been back to back fun so far. A night out with good company Friday, A banquet in my va va va vroom blue dress and FMPs last night and today? Today is supposed to top it all  off with a Deadpool date, followed by a romantic viewing of TWD, and by romantic I mean both of us shushing each other, while screaming at the screen while furiously tweeting and facebooking and then being lulled by Chris Hardwick.

That was my expectation yesterday.

Today, I found out that AMC is no longer being provided to my area by our cable providers. I found out that it was unceremoniously yanked away from us. I found out that in order to see it I many have to stoop to a life of crime and bootlegging. Today I feel all kinds of messed up.


Tipping my coffee mug to all the folks who aren’t fans who are probably gonna read this and do a fist pump that I won’t be fangirling all over their timeline tonight.


On the one hand this has driven me to finally learn how to use gifs in a post, but not even the learning of a new skill can dull the pain. I don’t know how to carry on this post I’m so distraught right now

giphy (1)

Yes I wish I didn’t but I do, and it’s too late to turn off the feelings.


Flow took half my Valentine


2 thoughts on “Valentine by half

  1. The first half of your Valentine’s Day sounded wonderful. That sucks about AMC. Can you watch episodes online? I saw Deadpool yesterday as well. I thought it was spot on. Anyone who ever read a Deadpool comic will agree that he movie was exactly what it should be–funny, action packed and irreverent! I hope you enjoyed it, Good luck watching your show.


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