Deadpool: F@#$ing Awesome

Honest guys I tried to keep the spoilers at a minimum, but one or two might have gotten through, also please feel free to google any comic references I might (9)

*pops knuckles* Ok let’s get this party started.

It was immediately refreshing to watch a mutant movie where the word ‘mutant’ was not a dirty word. No ‘augmented humans’ or not quite clever ways of saying it without saying it.  It was freaking awesome, freeing if you will, of those of us who have been seething over what fox (yes I know it’s a proper noun but they don’t deserve the capitalization) in their ultimate foolishness has done to the franchise. The not so subtle jabs about the mutant dynamic in the movie were also cool, none of that over serious tone of doom, of like all other epic superhero movies.


There’s not two ways about this being an adult movie, though. You can’t make any bones about it. Not if you watched any of the trailers, or if you ever picked up a comic, or if you have google, or if you know, have had a pulse for more than three seconds. The abundance of gore, sex-yness, swearing, mutant powers in full swing, gratuitous violence, and adolescent genital/jerking off jokes makes this totally inappropriate for most prissy adults let alone kids, and I loved that. An unapologetic adult movie, pulling no punches in this day and age? Take a bow guys, you did something right.

Deadpool’s classic off color humor was present and accounted for and at lease for one movie goer aptly appreciated. Which brings me to Ryan.


Sir, I think you have found your character, if not your genre, if not your calling. You don’t do cuddly upright superhero well, you also don’t do mouth sewn shut creepy freak very well, and well…I haven’t really paid you much attention outside those roles. But the grit and the sarcasm, have elevated you to more than just man candy in my eyes. Yes, you were man candy, take it as a compliment, because you are hot even when you look like, to steal a line, “Testicles with teeth.” The role was awesomely played , down to your relationship with Blind Al. The cameos to those epic fails were also well appreciated, and anyone who tells you otherwise on any account ,you can simply tell them to…well Tripple H made the saying famous.

And to the folks complaining about the villain being too shallow, did you not hear Alfred when he said “Some men just want to watch the world burn”? Not everyone had their puppy crushed at a tender age and use that bad memory and subsequent emotional scaring to fuel their evil. Some folks just wanna kill something annoying in a psychopathic rage. Or is that just me that gets that? Anywho…


And if I can make a quick suggestion, can we please get Copycat in the the next installment? Huh? You don’t know who Copycat is? Well then you won’t find out here, no spoilers remember? Go google it.

Did I mention there was a little romance in the movie, some tragedy too, heart string tugging, get choked up kind of stuff. I guess they threw that in for us chicks, though someone should really tell these folks that the kind of chick who puts herself out to see Deadpool probably is there primarily for the mutanty stuff and the violence and the potty mouth.


All in all I was satisfied with this movie. What few sins there were are totally forgiven. Full on 8/10. What did you think?

Oh before I forget, to the CC crowd who shared the experience, Thank you. For not taking selfies, for not checking your social media during the movie, for leaving the kids at home. Much love to you all. Til’ next time.


3 thoughts on “Deadpool: F@#$ing Awesome

  1. “though someone should really tell these folks that the kind of chick who puts herself out to see Deadpool probably is there primarily for the mutanty stuff and the violence and the potty mouth.” — amen to that! My thoughts exactly. Copycat witted be a cool addition though I’m beyond psyched to heart cable will be in the sequel! I love him.

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    1. I’m so afraid to be psyched for Cable, so many opportunities for them to fall short from the comics. I’m trying to keep my expectations low on him, but if they do do right by my him, I see a nerdgasm in my future such that the world has never known. lol

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      1. I know how you feel. If they screw up cable the way they screwed up Havok, I will revoke their man cards because they don’t have the balls to do things right. They’d already lost their nerd cards for the clusterfuck they made of the Xmen.


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