10 random thoughts I had today


  1. Coooofffeeeeeee….you have to make sure you say that much with the tone and inflection of a zombie.
  2. Would I rather be a vampire or a werewolf? On the one hand, vampires have the super sexy, don’t age thing going on. But, on the other werewolves have all the same strengths, pretty much none of the same weaknesses and are also quite strapping. They do age though, but then do I really want to live forever? Watching the world grow old, and the technology, I couldn’t keep up. I already feel ancient for having once owned a Nokia 1100, my students don’t even know what that is!!! Well, except for all the associated lore. Le sigh.
  3. I wonder what Prague is like? I always hear about this place in spy movies and literature? What is it about this place that inspires spy movies? Is everyone there like all mysterious and stuff and do they all smoke and have spotlights shining on their eyes like old black and whites? God, it would be so cool to live in a black and white movie. I gotta google how they got those waves in their hair to stay put?
  4. Chooooocccooolate…again with the zombie thing.
  5. Ugh Facebook, lemme go check my Facebook.This is so boring, I need to switch to twitter. But first lemme check my Facebook. :p
  6. Yummy Yummy Yummmy in my tummy tummy tummy. I kid you not, this was my internal soundtrack as I fatted down my fish this afternoon. Who the hell sang that song anyway? And who the hell let them? But it’s catchy though, kinda makes you wonder, do these people just congregate somewhere and make bets on the kind of ridiculous that will get us all hooked?
  7. I should…ohhh look at that. I should be used to this by now. I live with this dude. Nope, nope, stop being distracted. I should…dang he fine. Just wait ’til the baby, yep he’s 4 but he is still my baby dammit, takes a nap. Still waiting for that nap, for the record. -_-
  8.  Pepe le Pew has to be one of the most annoying and endearing and annoying characters ever written. I love him, but I hate him, but I love him, then I hate him, then I love him more. Ohhhh Pavarotti. I should get some Opera.
  9. Cumin, I like cumin. Tastes like Oregano had a baby with a bar of soap. But I like it, not like that demon herb cilantro. Cilantro is evil, yuck. Except in salsa, or guacamole, but then it’s only in small amount. Why do we need to buy a whole cilantro bunch for like one little piece? Ugh.
  10. You guessed it back to zombie mode…say it with me now. You know you want to. Ready? No seriously, ready? Ok…You with me? You sure? Alright…with me….on the count of three….Oh wait I forget….Oh no. Ok I remember, lol. All together…Slip of the hand Berry/Vodka Daiquiriiiiiiiiii.

Why? I have no idea, it just suddenly occurred to me to share it. I honestly have nothing else to say here. Good night. Love you. Miss you. I’ll be more present soon. Love you. Bye bye.


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