Let’s get nude together…

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Hi there, do you have a moment? Yes? I’m glad. Have a seat, come sit, can I offer you anything? A cup of coffee, tea? Wine? Something stronger?

Ok, enough stalling. I want to ask you something. How do you feel about being nude? In public? Or even just with someone else? Yeah, it’s not such a big deal for most folks, to take off your clothes and let it all hang out in front of just one soul. Or maybe even a few. we are no concerned about someone seeing our jiggle or sway or not. Not in this day and age of the collective opinion that we are all beautiful. Right? But that isn’t what I asked you.

Let me clarify, when I talk about nudity today, I mean the kind that encompasses the mind not the body. Would you bare yourself to the world, or even to one soul? Let them really see what you are afraid of, what you have been through, what has shaped you into who or what you are?

Is there any place you wouldn’t let someone go? Is there anyplace so deep and dark that even you cringe at the idea of going there, let alone to open that space to the judgmental gaze of someone else?

I do. I do, and I bet you do to. Do you show them to anyone else? Do you tell your nearest and dearest? Do you shout them from the mountain tops? Do you hide them behind smiling selfies and ‘uplifting statuses’? If you do, tell me why?

Why do we feel the need to share any of it? The good or the bad? Why when we get the opportunity, do we puff ourselves up in the eyes of anyone who can click our profile picture? Why do we make ourselves generic and false? Who told us all that public opinion mattered in the grand scheme of things? And if it does wouldn’t they rather see us as real, relate-able, naked?

There’s probably more to say, or at least something in my head is telling me not to rant. So I wanna know what you think, have a discussion and see where it takes us.

I really wanna know what you think. As I sit here, kinda bored on a Saturday afternoon with a glass of wine and reruns of SVU.



4 thoughts on “Let’s get nude together…

  1. Interesting post, Michelle. Full of possible discussions. For me, I have a big mouth and would probably tell anyone my darkest secrets — if I had any! Talk about a boring life! But I think when you’re trying to live with a degree of authenticity maybe you’re willing to risk a little more exposure?


    1. Thanks Calen, I would settle for some deep thought if not discussion. I get where you are coming from, but I’m not sure exposure is the thing. Yes we expose a lot these days, we over share a lot, but what are we sharing? I respect more the folks who own their boring, but then again maybe that is because I’m boring too.

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      1. Well yes, perhaps that’s it. For me, before I really started paying attention I thought I was losing some race or something, that everyone else had it together or had it better. Now I am I realize I don’t have it bad, it’s not great or ideal but it’s not bad. As such I don’t compete, I keep my head down and concentrate on me and mine. I just wonder why other people don’t.


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