Pinch me


The damnedest part is that I know it isn’t real. It couldn’t possibly be real. I am naked in the middle of the street, busy street and nobody even bothered to stop and stare at the naked woman standing on the white line in between the lanes.

I really want to pee too, but I know how those dreams end so I dare not, and wake up with my sheets all wet. I don’t want to have to sun my mattress, not today.

I almost doubt when a cab nearly hits me, the rush of wind by my hip feels plenty real, but a NY cabby would have left a trail of profanity in his wake. I get further evidence as a giant tabby rounds the corner and starts to play with the cars. If this was real it would make sense why everyone was speeding past too busy to notice a naked woman. But this can’t be real, so I force my heart to slow and my breath to steady, takes some effort, but I got to calm down and convince my body to wake up. Maybe if I go closer I can figure out what it is my subconscious is trying to work through here.

I don’t get to take a step before something big and hard hits me, well, hits then lifts me carrying us both to the sidewalk on the other side.

“Lady are you nuts? Why would you go closer to that thing?” the stranger can barely get the words out as his breath saws in and out of his powerful chest. If this was real, maybe I would ask this chocolate Adonis for his number.

“Could you pinch me please? I’m trying to wake up.”

“You are nuts!!!”

In response to photo-fiction #32


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