About which there just isn’t much to say.


Hi there, what have you all been up to? Something interesting I hope. Something fun I pray.

For me, my day job has been encroaching on our time together. It took so much away from us, I didn’t want to share the sad news about the fire we had, or the epic tale of how we managed to get our school back in some semblance of working order only a week after our entire administrative block was reduced to ash and crumbling walls. I didn’t want to process that anyway.

After that is was a mad dash to finish grading for externals and SBA’s and I’m pretty sure nobody wanted to read about that. Not that I had any time or compulsion to tell it.

Now I have finally surfaced, and it’s on to the regular tasks of lesson and unit planning, and matriculating exams and grading assignments and teaching etc etc. All the regular things that make up teaching. So the slump might very well be coming to an end.

All that to say, there really hasn’t been too much to say. I just really wanna know what you’ve all been up to. Leave a comment, let me know what I’ve been missing from my blog family.

4 thoughts on “About which there just isn’t much to say.

  1. Hm… The Blogging from A to Z Challenge? (rolls eyes… ) Not sure why I took that on! Sorry to hear about the school. How’d the fire start? You weren’t hurt or anything, right?


    1. I saw someone doing that challenge, but I had no clue how it worked, though now by your reaction I figure it’s a good thing I didn’t get involved. I’ll check out your posts though.

      The fire apparently was one of some sick person’s making, nobody was hurt physically anyway, it happened early on a Saturday morning. But notes, grade books, source books, teaching tools, some personal items and of course the place many of us thought of as a second home was gone. So there was lots of other kinds of hurt and angry to go around. We are all keeping on though, teaching on as it were.

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